Stop Wondering – Start WonderBee!

It’s time to save bees by feeding them WonderBee; A ready to use novel probiotic pollen substitute. We are from UEF doctoral school and our team offers a product to make the bee colonies healthier and stronger to help them survive the harsh climatic conditions. Healthier colonies yield more honey and related products and feeds the world.

No Bees… No pollination… No plants… No food… No life!

Have you ever wondered how important honeybees are for the world?

They have been declared as the most important species on planet Earth. Albert Einstein quotes, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man will have no more than four years to live…” They are natural pollinators, who work day and night to get us 90% of the food products we eat. However, unfortunately, we are losing them at an alarming rate!

WonderBee is a nutritionally balanced probiotic pollen substitute for the honeybees to make them stronger and healthier. WonderBee fed bee colonies would better survive harsh climatic conditions and yield more honey and related products. We are currently developing the product and testing the efficiency and activity.

Let’s feed the bees now to be yourselves fed in future…

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