The DRAFT program© provided teams with a boost ahead in Kuopio

Through Draft program teams also in North Savo have an opportunity to receive financial support for their ideas, and coaching for building a company of their own. You can apply for the program three times a year. The second Kuopio round of applications this year in May produced applications from a total of 12 teams. Eight of these represented the University of Eastern Finland, three Savonia University of Applied Sciences and one team Savo Vocational College.

First round produced ideas for local food, digitalization and education

The teams that made it through the initial qualifiers pitched their ideas to the jury, which made the final decisions after the performances. Funding for the first phase was awarded in this round to five teams, € 1,000 each. Two of the teams represented Savonia UAS. A local food kiosk concept PerunaBiili and Cortex, whose idea was related to industrial data protection, were supported. UEF’s award-winning teams were Ecoboard for indoor air humidity control system, Tmi Elina Partanen’s idea for social and health care education, and UNICO digital platform.

Second round requires clear progress from the teams

It is possible for teams that have reached the first stage, to apply for the second phase of the program. Success in the second phase generates additional funding of EUR 3,000 for the team. To succeed at this point, clear progress from the initial idea is required for the team. In the spring application round, additional funding was awarded to two teams representing the University of Eastern Finland, and one team representing Savo Vocational College. Butterfly Brick, an UEF team’s idea related to hockey, received special thanks from the jury for its systematic progress, while 10M Productions Ltd that participated with agame idea, was praised for a credible team and good work in solving the challenges of commercialization. Savo Vocational College’s team Musiikkikahvila Kukkakievari Ltd has been an amazing story about young people who have employed both themselves and a number of their peers. The team was even encouraged to consider spreading the concept to more locations.

The program also provides expert assistance

The Draft program benefits entrepreneurship teams who need expert help, coaching and funding for the early stages of their business. 15 new companies have been created in the North Savo region during the program from 2018 to 2022. In North Savo, the program is coordinated by Savonia UAS in cooperation with UEF and Sakky. The program is open to students, alumni and staff of all the above-mentioned educational institutions.

You can read the stories of the teams already involved in the program at

The next program call will open in the autumn of 2022. The application deadline in Kuopio is September 9, and the pitching date of the selected teams October 6. Application instructions can be found on the program’s website at .