Funding calls

CONNAX is looking for the best IoT startup idea

Internet of Things is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data that is used in various applications.

…In simple words, if your dog is having a GPS tracker embedded in a collar and you can track it while walking together in the forest and it also sends alarms on your cellphone if dog is too far away from you – this is a good example of what is IoT and how it works.

CONNAX together with Draft Program, Karelia UAS and UEF are establishing new Draft prize – 1000€ for best IoT startup idea! The prize will be given on the very same rules of Draft microfunding program, for a team who will propose best IoT startup idea.

What do we expect from applications:

  • Please be open minded, we’re not limiting you to specific sensors, actuators or radio technology;
  • Your idea can be much wider than IoT technology, including related technologies (eg. augmented reality or blockchain) or be an IoT enabler;
  • It’s good if you have technical vision and ability to develop your idea in the garage. You have a product/service vision and passion to develop it yourself;
  • Your idea was born out of pain. It was either experienced by you or by others, or you believe that it will be experienced in the future.

Send your idea during Draft application process in January 2018