Apply for the first stage of the Draft Program in Joensuu

On this page you’ll instruction for applying for the Draft Program(r) in Joensuu.

If you are applying to the Draft Program for the first time, you will need to apply to the first stage of the Program. If you have already passed the first stage of the Program, you can apply for the second stage of the Draft.

Deadline for applications is April 23, 2024

Who is the Draft Program for?

You can apply for the Draft Program (r) in Joensuu if your team includes at least one person who is a student, staff representative or alumni of Karelia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland or the Riveria Vocational College.

In addition to yourself, your team must have at least one person with whom you develop the business idea further.

What do I commit when I apply?

When you apply, you understand that the Draft Program will publish at least one blog post about your team that relates to your experiences with the Draft Program.

You are able and committed to spend your time developing your business idea for at least a few hours a week.

Other terms and ethical principles of the program.

What are the benefits of the Program?

If you are selected for the Draft Program, you will have access to a 4-month training period during which you will be assisted by experts representing different fields.

Get to know and network with other start-up entrepreneurs.

You will get funding. In the first stage 1000 EUR. If you are selected for the follow-up phase after the first phase, there is an additional funding of EUR 3000.

You get visibility for your new start-up business

Here’s how to apply for the 1st stage of the Draft Program in Joensuu

1. Complete the one-page business plan (get the template here, read instructions here)

2. Fill in and send an application form (here) with the one-page plan as attachment

3. If your application is selected to be presented to the jury, prepare a pitching presentation of your idea (link to the presentation template here)

4. Practice presenting your ideas within the time limit

5. Present your business idea to the jury on the pitching day in Joensuu

If you want more information please contact or +358(0)503109657 (if there is no answer, please write SMS or WhatsApp message).