Draft Program helps you to launch your business

From the Draft Program® you’ll get funding and entrepreneurship coaching to help you to launch your business and become a successful service- and product developer. In the first phase, the funding is EUR 1,000 and in the second phase EUR 3,000.

All residents of Kuopio and Iisalmi and students, staff and alumni of Karelia, Riveria, Savo Vocational College, Savonia and UEF can apply for the program.

Applying for the program is easy:

  1. Send your application by September 17, 2024
  2. Present your idea to the jury

How you can benefit from the Draft Program

Professional guidance to start your business

Personal meetings. Topics covered: profitable pricing, marketing and starting a business.

Group coaching and networking

Topics covered: initial scheduling and resource challenges, collaboration with other start-ups.

Funding 1000 EUR and 3000 EUR

Financing for example for: equipment purchases, setting up an online store, advertising and registration fees.

Visibility for your business

Draft Program’s publications and social media helps with getting to be known by public and private funders.

Organizations behind the Program

Draft Program has since 2012 also been funded by

William and Ester Otsakorpi Foundation | Foundation for Economic Education | City of Joensuu | Prime Minister’s Office | CONNAX Oy | City of Kuopio | City of Iisalmi

Some of the startups that have been part of the Draft Program

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