Digital Transformation and the Rise of Remote Services – Results of the January 2024 Draft Call from Joensuu

Common to all 10 teams selected for the program is their prior work experience and completed degrees, along with the central role of digital solutions in their business idea. Explore the Draft program’s application guidelines and apply in Joensuu or Kuopio!

Heikki Immonen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Marja-Liisa Ruotsalainen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences

In the January 2024 call held in Joensuu had 28 applicants – leveraging digitalization was a strong element in over half of the business ideas.

The call, which concluded at the end of January 2024, had a total of 24 first-round applicants and 4 applicants for the Draft next phase. In North Karelia, the Draft program is funded by the William and Ester Otsakorpi Foundation, along with Karelia, Riveria, and UEF. All applicant teams must have some connection through past or present study or employment to at least one of these three organizations.

For nine out of ten selected teams, digitalization is a key part of their product or service. Some services are offered remotely, and some teams are developing entirely new digital systems.

Teams selected for the Draft Program

The eight teams selected for the first round in this call are:

  • Team coaching service, led by Outa Mehtäläinen
  • Tourism service, led by Henrietta Macri
  • Creative industry platform, led by Hanna Leppänen
  • Event sales solution, led by Tero Hyttinen
  • Restaurant industry application, led by Tuukka Gavrilov
  • ICT service, led by Matti Ilvonen
  • Therapy service, led by Eija Virkkala
  • Technology platform, led by Reuben Amedalor

Selected for the Draft next phase:

Congratulations to the selected teams!