Invested application has progressed to the testing phase

Invested is a mobile phone application to learn stock investing. With the app, users are able to
train investing without using any real money. The app aims to be as realistic as possible, while
still offering gamified components to improve the user experience and learning.

Core features

The app has three core features: making your portfolio with play money, competing with friends on
leagues and educational tutorials. The app provides a practical way to learn stock investing – it
is a motivating and exciting way for the user to take the first steps towards investing with real

The app is aimed towards beginners, but more experienced investors can benefit from it as well.
While beginners will have a motivating way to learn a complex thing, more experienced investors
can test different investing strategies and compete with others in leagues.

Public beta is soon here

Since our previous blog post, the app development has progressed as planned, and in July, we go to
test the private beta version of the app with our test group. We have got good feedback about the
app, and we can get all the planned features for the public beta version, which is launched in
September. You can opt-in as a beta tester from

Feedback and tips from the Draft-program

Regular meetings with the Draft-group have been an excellent way to get some feedback and ideas,
especially related to possible funding. For a fresh startup, it is essential to share
experiences and hear thoughts from other startups.