Teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams / autumn 2016

In autumn 2016, 6 new teams were elected to the Draft Program.


DataBridges (in the picture)

Tero Hyttinen, expert in mobile technologies, business and marketing
Timo Rui, expert in digitalization of services
Maria Saastamoinen, expert in R&D funding and financial & legal issues

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African Strategic Ventures (ASV)

African Strategic-Ventures (ASV) is an investment advisory enterprise. We focus on providing unparalleled training, advice and support to Finnish Impact Investors and Policymakers to formulate conducive strategies and policies for succeeding in their internationalisation activities centred on penetrating Kenya’s Business Markets.

For Finnish Impact Investors, who comprise of equity investors and sustainably responsible companies: ASV provides them with a blueprint for how and in what optimal ways to successfully invest their varied equity portfolios and expertise within Kenya’s Business Markets. For Finnish Policymakers: these key ASV services provide them with a blueprint for formulating timely policies for assisting Finnish impact equity investors and sustainably responsible companies to successfully invest their varied equity portfolios and expertise within Kenya’s Business Markets.

These internationalisation interventions are paramount, especially whilst considering the fact that Finland is in dire need to find new growth markets for its know-how. This acknowledgement is further enhanced owing to the fact that the Finnish Economy, and more broadly, the developed economies as a whole, are continuing to stagnate from the lack of growth opportunities. Hence, Kenya’s Business Markets, in spite of their varied challenges, have continuously been touted as representing some of the most promising sustainable social and economic growth emerging markets of the future.

Rolex Owino – An experienced tours & travel entrepreneur, organisational scholar & investment advisory expert
Iouri Kotorov – International Business & Entrepreneurship Lecturer
Walter Namasake – A banker & accountant with vast experience in the areas of banking & customer
relationship management
Kai Koponen – An experienced management consultant entrepreneur
Joona Heino – An experienced serial entrepreneur within the ICT sector
Mikko Korpela – An expert in facilitation & productization of projects, particularly within the fields of university-business cooperation & regional development

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AUXKOR training

Virpi Autio
Joonas Kortelainen

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Harnessing Digital Power for Real Estate Marketing

Virtual staging using 3D software such as 3D max, Google SketchUp, and Photoshophas growing popularity in real estate industry in many countries for the efficiency in terms of time and financial investment and the flexibility it can offer both agencies, agents and their clients. And yet, according to our research and observation, it has not been fully exploited in Finland. Therefore, we proposed a novel business project that provide virtual staging products and services for real estate marketing for domestic, regional and international markets.

We offer Stage on photos of unfurnished properties, stage on photos of properties which need renovation, stage on photos of unfinished properties, staging on video of properties, photo editing: Enhancing the photo quality or making some changes, 2D Floor Plans: Digitalising floor plans from sketches or original floor plans of the building, 3D Floor Plans: Making 3D models of houses from 2D Floor plans, architectural visualisation: Rendering photos or videos of the proposed design on vacant lands.

Thanh Nguyen – Architect/ Postgraduate student, Architecture, Design and Photography, Tampere University of Technology
Xuan Nguyen – Early stage researcher/PhD student, English Language Education and Teacher Education,University of Eastern Finland