Teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams / January 2017

Näyteikkuna Pohjois-Karjalaan (in the picture)

Maria Saastamoinen, p. 050 568 9242,
Ekaterina Miettinen, p. 044 224 4557,

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Nuoren valintatyökalu (työnimi)

Sini-Sofia Savola
Marika Koskimäki

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Team NEWcoMeR – Electrodynamic Dust Cleaning Technology

We are Team NEWcoMeR of the Epic Challenge Joensuu 2016-2017. Our challenge revolves around the harmful dust attaching to the spacesuits when having a nice walk on the surface of Mars. We don’t want the astronauts to breathe the stuff, and are experimenting with different concepts to find out which could best fit the conditions on the Red Planet. For Earth, we are looking to use a three-phase electric field to move dust particles from target surfaces, and have succeeded to a certain extent with the prototype we have at the moment. We look forward to developing the idea further, and be able to clean different sorts of surfaces from dirt and dust. We are working in collaboration with NASA and the University of Eastern Finland, and are looking for collaboration with experts worldwide.

Juuso Uusimäki – Team manager, Physics undergraduate student
Elena Herbers – Nurse, Biology doctor student
Abdulrauff Opoola – Assistant manager, Computer sciences student
Daniil Varlamov – Prototype tester, High-school student
William Lefiot – Creative designer, Computer sciences student
Antti Liimatta – Coding expert, Computer sciences student
Amrit Regmi – Prototype developer, Computer sciences student
Matti Laukkanen – Public relations manager, High-school student

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In African continent, there is a plenty of valuable natural resources which are either undiscovered or unexploited due to technological factors. Moreover, most of the existing business face the challenge of the lacking the potential market for their products. Following this challenge observed, this project is aiming to connect African businesses (producers) from African countries with the rest of the world (as the market).

Our plan includes: First, to build a value network which will enable us to provide market for African businesses. This will include building an online marketing system and shipping services to the producers and delivery services to the buyers of the products. Second, Finland is known as one of high technology countries. Following this fact, our project intends to provide a link between Finnish technology industry and African businesses.

Ezekiel Obadia Kuhoga (Tanzania), Graduate Engineer, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Benjamin Asamoah (Ghana), Product Marketing Manager (Philips), Lighting and Solar
Oyemakinwa Tayelolu Peter (Nigeria, Physicist/ Entrepreneur, Teaching/ Poultry Business

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Jiri Jormakka
Juuso Oinonen
Olli Ritari

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Avustava polvituki halvauspotilaan kävelykuntoutukseen

Juha Jalovaara & Pentti Happonen

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Ilari Asikainen
Henri Iso-Koivisto
Urpo Korpela
Tommi Silvan