Teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams / May 2017

AtomCloud 2600

We are working to develop cost effective industrial spectrometric solutions with focus for SMEs. In developing countries, many industries have to transport materials for analysis to acquire accurate information about their quality. Our solutions will enable these entities to obtain this information locally, hence reducing fiscal, energetic and environmental costs associated with the transportation and testing. Presently, we prioritize cost efficacy over perfect efficiency, but our future plans include instrument optimization along with multiple modules to cater customers with diverse needs.

Right now we are working on Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for measuring concentration of zinc along with a few other elements in present in zinc ores. But with slight modifications we will be able to measure other elements as well.

Moeen Ghafoor (MS Photonics UEF)
Tahir Jamal (MS Photonics UEF)
Becca Wicker (PhD University of Southern Denmark)

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Petteri Ryhänen,
Arto Korhonen

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Our first product is called The Bug. It can be seamlessly installed in any traditional switchboard and it turns it into a smart switchboard. It can then be connected with wifi network and it will allow you to control all your appliances from anywhere in the world through our app or through a voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant. We have designed this product in a way that it will be completely invisible to the user. It can also be integrated with IFTTT which will open up a plethora of triggers for example it will automatically turn off the fans if the temperature falls below 25oC. Even with all these features, security is the center of our design. All the communication is secured with enterprise grade TLS encryption so that only the owner can control all the devices.

Right now we are working on our next product which will be able to measure and notify the user about the power consumption of the house. A video demo, prices, and other details are available on our website:

Moeen Ghafoor (Photonics Engineer, University of Eastern Finland)
Hammas Saleem (Electronics Engineering, GIK Institute)
Qasim Bin Mehmood (Computer Scientist, GIK Institute)