Teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams / September 2017

The Martians: Automatically flying Ornithopter

We are The Martians, a team from NASA’s Epic Challenge education program. Our idea is to build automatically flying ornithopter, which is a robot that imitates flying of the birds with its flapping-wing mechanism. Our original idea was build the ornithopter to work on Mars, but we then realized that we could also use it on Earth for bird eviction and rescue operations. Currently we’re focusing for these Earth purposes but in the future, we could extend our product for Mars exploration purposes which was our challenge in the beginning.

Autonomically flying ornithopter would be useful for example in agriculture. Birds cause massive damage to the crops and using our ornithopter to scare birds would increase the production by decreasing spoilage caused by birds. Similar way the ornithopter could be used in airports to minimize the risks that birds cause in aviation by evicting the bird flocks from airports. When implemented with a camera the ornithopter could also be used for example searching missing people from the disaster areas or leading rescue teams to right direction.

Our team is international and multidisciplinary group which consists of six students coming from two different schools (UEF and Karelia UAS) with variety of skills. In future we hope we have helped solving problems not only in Earth but also in Mars.

Paula Huttunen (Manager)
Joel Jääskeläinen (Business Manager)
Aaro Alhainen (Technology Manager)
Ezekiel Kuhoga (Member)
Johanna Virolainen (”Jack of all trades”)
Ildar Ziatdinov (Member)

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Miun Sää (in the picture)

Miikka Kostian, , 0451777090
Joonas Rauha, , 0503641102
Oona Komulainen

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Team: Aki Hattunen, Lasse Leppänen, Janne Heikkinen, Jaakko Järvenpää

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Electricity generator bike

We have noticed that (1) Finland needs a lot of energy to go through a long, cold and dark winter. Energy is the most search key word in Finland. Every year, the snow storms cut off the electricity of thousand houses for days or weeks. (2) Exercises and activities are important to Finns. Finnish people spend a lot of money for sport and workout facilities. Many people bike to work in summer time. Therefore we have ideas of the following products:

Biking chair:  for office workers or parents with small children, who have to sit 8 hrs at office in front of the computer, then rust to school or kindergarten to pick up their children, then come home to cook dinner. They do not have time to go to gym. With the biking chair, they can exercise while working.

Cool bikes for teenagers, the light will turn on when biking and turn off when stopping. You do not have to worry about forget buying the battery for lights. In summer time, you can store the electricity to the power bank, which is placed under the seat.

Electricity generator bike (EGB) in case of snow storm, blackout, camping, or hiking… With one hour biking, you can light up 10 led lamps for 868 days or charge your cell phone for 60 hrs

Nhi Hoang, Researcher at University of Eastern Finland, email: & Director at Edu-Exchange ltd., email:
Matti Pappinen, Engineer and Owner of Konepaja M. Pappinen Oy, email:

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Digital bridge between elderly and youth

We developed a smart solution that aims to overcome the loneliness of the elderly which is increasing in Finland. It is in line with the national health and social welfare strategies. It is simple, easy to use and secure. Our solution is not any open social media nor a traditional NGO offering similar services.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in health care and surrounded by advisors in innovation management and IT. Tiina is an expert in health policy, social and health care environment and services and health promotion, and Sara has an international experience in public health, project management and coaching.

Tiina Syyrila –
Sara Allaouat –