Teams in Joensuu

New teams / autumn 2015

In autumn 2015, 16 teams applied for Draft Program, 8 were elected.

Dibs (in the picture)

Valtteri Laine
Hely Herranen

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Squid – new Era of moving

By making Project Squid we are creating a new smart way of transportation that will be used by different categories of people worldwide. We believe that it will bring more sustainable development in the transportation sphere and change our life forever.

It is possible to implement the idea using technologies that we possess nowadays.  We had an ulterior motive to choose a three-wheel base.  Tricycle is the perfect chassis for the city and countryside transport, because it is compact, light and stable.  Therefore, it will have more advantages in the future development, comparing with cars and bicycles. Wide usage of the advanced technologies will transform a simple tricycle into a smart vehicle. Ii is no more a vehicle, but an extension of your body. Moreover it will cover and protect driver.

Ilya Sokolov/CEO/Master’s degree in Social Science, Bachelor’s degree in design, Founder of ISTLE OY
Maria Smirnova/CMO/Master’s degree in architecture, Bachelor degree in design
Maria Mosunova/Leading designer/ Bachelor degree in design, 3D design
Daniil Illarionov/COO/ Bachelor degree in Business, Founder and Managing director of ISTLE OY and F’innoboard OY
Roman Makarov/Leading engineer/
Stanislav Shultz/Technical consultant/ Master’s degree in engineering, electronics engineer in BMW
Dmitry Fedorov/UI designer/Founder of web-design studio Bitforest
Santeri Laner/CNO/Founder of Future Traffic – Now and Electric Cars – Now communities

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The aim of current project is to develop innovative tracking system. Plenty of valuable movable assets, particularly bicycles, cars, boats, requires control and monitoring. The worst thing can happen to them is to be stolen, which unfortunately happens on a regular base. However, general control required at personal and corporate activities too.

The purpose of the project is to offer customers easy-setup system to track their assets with friendly interaction and rich eco-system around it. The system should keep ideology of simplicity, where each core feature in not deeper than 3 steps.

Engineering – Stanislav Shults. IT degree, several years in robotics industry. Germany
Coding – Ivan Suvorov. IT degree, several years in coding industry. Finland
Application – Roman Makarov. Robotics and IT experience, apps development. Russia
Design and vision – Ilya Sokolov. Design and economy degree. Years in design industry. Finland
Management – Daniil Illarionov. International Business degree. Years at start-ups. Finland

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Digital Health Support

Kaisa Hiltunen
Tuulia Sunikka

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Firetail Games

Firetail Games is an independent Game Studio, trying to fill in the gaps of the mobile game industry. Do you still remember the theme from Super Mario? Do you still remember the character Crash Bandicoot? We think mobile experiences in their current form aren’t as memorable experiences as the games we used to play in our childhood.

A big amount of children and young pople are playing on mobile as their main gaming platform, and they prefer it over other systems. We want to put as much effort in all the aspects of the game as was put back in the days into games when we were young, while keeping the approachability and simplified gameplay mechanics required for mobile.

Team: Kim Orden

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Froodly empowers consumers to change the way we treat food by creating a platform to share and discover discounted expiring retail food. With the help of other consumers who care about the environment and their food bills Froodly brings forward a model that lets consumers lead the charge against food waste by contributing pictures of these discounted expiring products to froodly app. Everyone then can see organized by location and price, supermarket food products that are discounted and their due date are close.

Shahram Eivazi, Startup expert
Brennan Clark, Business expert
Ling Choi, Customer relation expert
Serge Tsyba, Software development expert