Teams in Joensuu

Team: Polygonriver Oy

We are a group of three young fellas who graduated from Riveria Outokumpu and had NY company together. With NY company we collected money to make our own corporation so here we are: Polygonriver Oy! At first in Polygonriver Oy we offer “whatever you need media services”, but we aim to be just a game studio.

With the Draft program we try to get our first game released. We received the first funding from the application of May and with it we bought mobile phone to produce and test our Draft project: Deskoff.

Deskoff is AR (Augmented Reality) board game played through mobile phone. It’s made with Unreal Engine 4 and with the base code we can create multiple different variations of classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess etc. Deskoff itself will be fantasy based board game with spectacular characters with animations and beautiful designed world with rich audio.

Project properties at this stage:

  • Easy to make new units (controllable characters)
  • Easy to make new obstacles
  • Easy to make different type of terrains
  • Easy to make new actions
  • Easy to edit unit properties
  • Pathfinding for shortest route from A to B
  • Grid which can be easily modified
  • Playable with mobile phone and windows

Team: Joni Piiroinen, Jeremy Lintuniemi, Lauri Peltonen