Funding calls

Funding call: How to increase the attraction of Joensuu, the city needs your ideas – apply by 3 Dec

How would you increase the attraction of Joensuu? The city is looking for teams to develop innovative product or service ideas. The goal is to attract graduating students as well as tourists during winter. In this funding call a maximum of four teams will be selected in December to deliver their pilot implementation to the city of Joensuu on 30 March 2019 at the latest. The total amount of funding is EUR 10,000.

Two different themes – choose your own!

1) Talent Attraction

We are looking for new kind of product or service ideas, which are able to increase the number of graduating students and especially international exchange or degree students staying in Joensuu after their studies.

2) Joensuu in Winter

We are looking for new kind of tourism-related product or service ideas, which positively invigorate the Joensuu city center area possibly including the Pielisjoki river.

Who can participate?

Teams that have at least two members can apply. At least one team member must be a student, staff or faculty member of Karelia UAS, University of Eastern Finland, Savonia UAS or Riveria.

How to apply?

The themed funding call works just like a normal Draft Program application process. However, please pay attention to the dates:

  1. You have the possibility to take part in the info event at Joensuu Science Park (building 1, 2nd floor, class B250) on Monday 19 November at 4pm-5pm. In the event you will get information about ideas, registration, presenting your idea to the board etc.
  2. Fill in the application form on Monday 3 December at the latest.
  3. Teams with the most feasible ideas will be pre-selected to present their idea to Draft Board at Joensuu Science Park (building 3A, 2nd floor, auditorium 3B205) on Thursday 13 December 2018.
  4. Prepare for the presentation according to the instructions.
  5. A maximum of four teams will be selected, which will sign a contract with the city of Joensuu.

More information: