Teams in Joensuu

Team: Traveload

What does Traveload stand for?

Our goal is to create a personalized travel plan, based on customer lifestyle, wishes, opportunities, goals, and budget.

Our travel plans are fully individual and made from scratch. Each traveler is a new task, we have no templates, drafts, and limits. It means that the traveler does not fit into the proposed tour, but rather we customize the travel plan for him/her.

We select the most convenient and affordable logistics, we have an unlimited choice of accommodation and entertainment. We do everything for the customer to avoid all planning routine.

Moreover we good at finding the off-beaten places where locals enjoy their life.

To understand customer desires and experience, we prepare a questionnaire, which has themes from how many times a year they travel to what restaurants they prefer to visit.

One of our advantages, we are not biased.  We have no partners and no extra charges for hotels, entertainment, and flight.  We choose what suits the customer.

We create logical itineraries, think through every detail, but at the same time, the customer remains an independent traveler.  They are not fixed on our plan and can change it depending on the situation. ⠀

We plan, you travel.