Teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams in Joensuu

New Draft teams elected

This autumn five new teams were elected to take part in the Draft Program®. The teams will test and develop their ideas with the help of micro funding. In addition, two current Draft teams received extra funding.

New teams are:

  • Reetta Rytkönen + team, Riveria
  • Matias Huhtilainen + team, UEF
  • Sandra Sandar + team, UEF
  • Andrei Potekhin + team, Karelia + UEF
  • Manu Hirvonen + team, Riveria

Extra funding received:

  • Toasted, Riveria
  • Raffihaasteet, Karelia

The Draft application process is organized three times a year and about 20 teams get funding for testing and further developing their product and service ideas every year. Teams that have at least two members can apply. At least one team member must be a student, staff or faculty member of Karelia UAS, University of Eastern Finland, Riveria or Savonia.