Teams in Kuopio

Draft program in Kuopio gathered ideas from augmented reality to coffee bar operations

Kuopio Draft Program in September 2019 gathered up eight new business ideas and two follow-up applicant teams. The range of represented ideas was delightfully diverse varying from augmented reality into coffee bar operations. Five of the teams represented Savonia University of Applied Sciences, four represented the University of Eastern Finland and one was from Varkaus city college.

From the first-timers, three teams were chosen to the Draft program; Team WonderBee with its apiculture related idea, Team AR Civil Engineering with its augmented reality application and young entrepreneurs’ music café ‘Kukkakievari’. Team Jovelia and Team BigLake were chosen to the second program round.

In addition, the program jury decided to grant a special prize outside the Draft program. Team Doombox received Savonia UAS BBA education’s 2000 € scholarship.

Next Kuopio Draft application round takes place in December 2019 – January 2020 in co-operation with Savonia UAS, UEF and Sakky. The program welcomes again applicants from students and employees from all the mentioned institutes.