Teams in Kuopio

Kuopio online Draft board rewarded particularly second round teams

Kuopio Draft presentation day for new business ideas in on May 14 was arranged as an online event.  Totally eight teams were present introducing their innovation deas. Four of them represented the University of Eastern Finland, and the rest four Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Team Hygpen was the only team chosen for the first Draft round. The team received 1 000 € for the development of its hygiene-related innovation. Draft board thanked the team for a promising idea, and encouraged them to carry the work forward.

Second round teams received funding a total of 6000 euros. Team Lehtonen & Elomaa’s surgical innovation convinced the board with its scientific and professional approach. The team received 3000 € Draft support. Another 3000 € was divided in half with Team Larate and Team WonderBee. Board thanked also Larate for its nutrition therapy innovation that was created with great expertise. Team WonderBee’s global idea board considered particularly interesting. Team continues reinforcing the innovation with chemical testings.

Kuopio Draft program is organized in cooperation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. The program is targeted for all students and staff members of those institutions. Next application round opens in September 2020.