Applicants’ expertise convinced in the Draft business idea competition in Kuopio

A total of 12 teams were interested in the 2021 first application of the Kuopio Draft business idea competition. All applicants were on the move this time for the first time. Three of the applicant teams represented the University of Eastern Finland and six Savonia University of Applied Sciences. It was gratifying to see three teams from Savo Vocational College involved as well.

The awarded teams impressed with their expertise

Four teams received funding in this round, each € 1,000. Introducing an idea of ​​golf, UltraCaddie has identified a convincing customer need of the field. The team will surely be able to meet the need as early as next summer. The team was encouraged to invest in sales and test their idea. Urho Finance’s equity investment study application also convinced the jury members with its need-based approach. The core idea still needs to be clarified, but the finished product could even have opportunities for international profitability. The idea of ​​the EASESAFEMED team provides a comprehensive pharmacovigilance expert service for social and health care organizations. The team showed deep expertise in the subject, which brought credibility to the idea. Latukahvila Nuottakota’s team had built a clear concept from their idea, which can be transferred to different environments. The idea gives possibilities to a wider productization of the service.

Tools for developing and presenting ideas from the Havuja #!@% &! Bootcamp program

The level of the applying teams has further developed. Also this time, almost ready-to-implement products and services were on display. The jury saw the most to be developed in the actual presentations of the pitching situations, which in some places needed compaction and clarification. On the other hand, some of the teams had taken advantage of the opportunity offered by the Business Center’s Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp idea accelerator program. Participating in the program is an effective way to acquire tools for teamwork, presentation, generating and developing business ideas, and ultimately finding market potential. Participation is worthwhile, whether you have a business in the level of an idea or already a ready-made concept. The program is available at

The Draft business idea competition is organized in Kuopio in cooperation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. The competition is open to all students, alumni and staff at these institutions. The next team search is already open and ends on May 10, 2021.


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