Cortex IoT – Protecting IoT data through blockchain

Cortex is on a mission to protect industrial IoT data through blockchain technology. Blockchain helps assure data integrity by storing an immutable, single version of the truth. As IoT was not designed with security in mind, devices and data are vulnerable and constantly under cyberattacks, causing major financial and infrastructure damages.

Cortex is focusing in the industrial IoT, as that is where most of the cyberattacks and data leakages are happening. In different industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Supply Chain, it is very common for enterprises to share the data with different partners, and blockchain is the most suitable technology to share and access IoT data without the need for central control and management and have greater and transparent visibility across all activities.

The industries where we are currently focusing to implement and test this technology are Oil & Gas, Energy, Water Management, Manufacturing, and Smart Cities.

I started this journey with a few team members after finishing the 1st year of IoT Engineering at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and from there we started to scale.

We applied for the first round of funding at Draft Program with the purpose to get more advanced tools for our infrastructure to make the piloting process easier. We have tested various IoT devices with our infrastructure, and we have a few other companies in the pipeline to implement Cortex.

Kolindo Nika /Cortex IoT

Cortex platform