Draft Kuopio awarded both new and traditional design

On the Kuopio Draft pitching day on October 6 a total of six teams were awarded. Five teams received support of one thousand euros and one next round team 3,000 euros. All three educational institutions; UEF, Sakky and Savonia, were represented in the awarded teams.

One thousand euros was awarded to former NY entrepreneurs Cristina Pyykkönen and Juho Korhonen. Their team offer empathic service design for the development of small business customer processes. Cristina represented Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Juho Savo Vocational College.

Another team that received one thousand euros was Kantoapuväline, which provides strength for carrying things. Juha Rissanen, a production technology professional graduated from Savo Vocational College, leads the team.

One thousand euros was also awarded to Emilia Honkanen, who studies economics at UEF, and Emmi Tolonen, who works as an occupational therapist. Their idea was a digital platform supporting the implementation of occupational therapy.

The fourth team that received one thousand euros represented traditional tailor services. Mohamad Juan studies business administration at Savo Vocational College in Varkaus. The team also includes his father Mohamad Mohamad, who has almost 30 years of experience in the field. They have planned to start the business at the beginning of next year.

Get excited and learn to photograph!

Team Suomen kuvauskoulu, which was the fifth first timer team to be awarded, offers live and online teaching of filming and photo shooting. Savonia UAS student Tiina Haring and Suski Mikander are both master photographers. Their customers are professional photographers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs. The team’s slogan is “Get excited and learn to photograph!”

This time, only one team received the 3,000 euro support of the second application round. ECO Boards is an ecological humidity equalizer device for indoor use. Behind the idea are UEF alumni Wujun Xu and Junyan Chen, the latter of whom is currently studying business in Savonia UAS. They started their company during the first round of the Draft program. The product is currently being tested in China.

Hub Panostamo participated with a donation

A unique addition to this Draft round was brought by Hub Panostamo, a business community operating in Novapolis, Kuopio, which gave all awarded teams a three-month membership to the community. The value of each membership is around 600 euros.

Draft Program business idea competition is organized in Kuopio in cooperation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. The program is open for all students, alumni and staff of these educational institutions. The next application round is already open and ends on January 16, 20223.