ECO boards: Fix humidity problems by combining Finnish forest products and nanotechnology

In Asian countries, e.g., China, there is high indoor humidity due to special climate features. It easily causes problems of rust, mildew, and water condensation. As China’s economy develops rapidly, more museums and art galleries are built to protect and show cultural relics. However, these cultural relics and arts are suffering from the problem of high indoor humidity.

Finland has world-famous forest products. We aim to develop ECO Boards by applying advanced nanotechnology with Finnish forest products. The boards can automatically control indoor humidity without extra running and maintenance costs. Compared with similar products from our competitors, our product has the advantages of low energy consumption in production, high performance, and sustainable raw materials. Furthermore, the product is also recyclable and has zero emissions.

I have solid experience in materials science and started this journey with another member Junyan Chen who has expertise in international business. We knew the Draft program from a training course organized by Business Center Pohjois-Savo. The Draft team gave us a lot of valuable suggestions about pitching, making plans, and business development. Thanks to the support of the 1st stage Draft funding, we registered a company (Nanoscale Oy) and produced two types of prototypes with very promising humidity control performance. One prototype was sent to China for official tests.

Wujun Xu

ECO Boards